Languages (other than Turkish and English)

After covering how to say “I don’t speak Turkish” and “Do you speak English?” it occurred to me that some people might prefer it if they could encounter someone who spoke something other than English. Yes, I am slow on the uptake, thank you. So here’s a list of languages and their Turkish translations. All language names in Turkish are constructed by taking the name of the nationality and adding the adverbial ending -CE (which could variously take “ç” or “c” depending on whether the letter before it is vocalized or not—think the difference between a “b” and a “p” sound—and “a” or “e” depending on the vowels that precede it—remember, a/ı/o/u take “a” and e/i/ö/ü take “e,” though some voweling choices may not fit this pattern because the words were formed/voweled in Ottoman Turkish, written in Arabic script, and those choices were carried into Modern Turkish).

  • French = Fransızca
  • German = Almanca
  • Spanish = İspanyolca
  • Portuguese = Portekizce
  • Italian = İtalyanca
  • Russian = Rusça
  • Chinese (Mandarin) = Çince
  • Japanese = Japonca
  • Hindi = Hintçe
  • Urdu = Urduca
  • Hebrew = İbranice
  • Arabic = Arapça
  • Persian = Farsça

See the same list in Arabic here and Persian here. I can throw more languages up in comments if anybody needs them.

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