Today we’re talking about money, which in Turkish is para or nakit (after the Arabic nuqud). “Currency” is also para, but can also be döviz, particularly when it refers to foreign currency.

The currency in Turkey is the lira, which is a holdover from the final currency of the Ottoman Empire, and it is divided into 100 kuruş, which had been the main currency of the Ottoman Empire before it was supplanted by the lira in 1844.

In terms of asking about prices, the simplest way is to say Bu kaça?, “How much is this?” or just Kaça?, “How much?” Bu kaç para? is “How much money is this?” I guess you could go that direction if bartering is an option but you’d rather pay cash. Bu ne kadar? also says “How much is this?” Obviously if you know the word for whatever you’re asking about, it can be substituted for bu.


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