Since life keeps getting in the way of these language blogs, and it’s the time of year when all four major North American sports are either in or about to start their seasons, I thought we could go over something relatively easy and talk sports. The names of specific sports are going to mostly be transliterations or cognates, which is why I say this is relatively easy. By all means, if there’s a particular sport you’d like to see in depth here, say something in comments and I’ll do what I can.

  • to play (in the sense of playing a sport): oynamak
  • to practice: çalışmak
  • sports: spor
  • game: oyun
  • ball: top (see Persian)
  • football (American): Amerikan futbolu
  • football (rest of the world): futbol
  • baseball: beysbol
  • basketball: basketbol
  • hockey: hokey
  • tennis: tenis
  • golf: golf
  • cricket: kriket


I play golf every week: Her hafta golf oynarım

We practiced tennis yesterday: Dün tenis çalıştık