Parts of the body, part 2: the stuff on the inside

If you’re looking for the parts on the outside, try here.

  • Brain: beyin or akıl (the latter can also mean “mind,” so it’s less tangible)
  • Skull: kafatası
  • Tooth: diş, plural dişler
  • Spine: omurga
  • Vertebra: omur
  • Throat: boğaz or gırtlak
  • Heart: yürek
  • Lung: akciğer (pl. akciğerler) or ciğer (ciğer is a sort of generic word for the lungs and liver, and the lungs are distinguished by adding ak, which means “white)
  • Liver: karaciğer or ciğer (kara means “black”)
  • Ribs: kaburga (pl. kaburgalar)
  • Stomach: mide
  • Intestines: bağırsaklar
    • Small intestine: ince bağırsak (“thin intestine”)
    • Large intestine: kalın bağırsak (“thick intestine”)
  • Kidney: böbrek, pl. böbrekler
  • Bladder: mesane
  • Muscle: kas
  • Bone: kemik
  • Cartilage: kıkırdak
  • Blood: kan
  • Blood vessel: damar (means “vessel”) or kan damarı (specifically “blood vessel”)
    • Artery: atardamar or arter
    • Vein: toplardamar or just damar
  • Nerves: sinir