Happy New Year!

Sorry for the break in posting! Visiting family and a nasty cold will do that to you.

Turks may mark the same three “New Years” as Iranians and many Arabs: the Islamic New Year, the Gregorian New Year, and Nevruz or Nowruz. Here we’ll focus on the Gregorian New Year.

“New Year” will be Yeni Yıl, the literal translation, or perhaps Yılbaşı, the “start of the year” or “New Year’s Day.” “New Year’s Eve” would be Yılbaşı arifesi, the “Eve of New Year’s Day” or Yılbaşı gecesi, “Night of New Year’s Day.”

“Happy New Year” is Yeni Yılınız kutlu olsun! or “May your New Year be blessed!”

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